Unlocking the true power of theranostics

A new chemical platform to develop theranostics to fight cancer

Radiopharmaceuticals for the modern world

We are working to advance theranostics and make them accessible.

Fuzionaire Diagnostics was founded to apply a breakthrough in chemistry from Nobel laureate Robert Grubbs’ lab at Caltech to radiopharmaceuticals.

Originally directed to make diagnostic radiopharmaceutical candidates for PET scans, our HetSiFA® library has become a powerful theranostics platform that can make radioligand therapies that use leading alpha- and beta-emitting radionuclides.

Theranostics is a term that describes a “see it, treat it” approach that uses one radioactive drug to reveal tumor locations and a second radioactive drug to deliver therapy that kills cancer cells.

Our platform, which can create multiple theranostic candidates from disease-targeting peptides and other ligands within a few weeks, also comes with manufacturing advantages that enable the more widespread use of these important new precision treatments.

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Our HetSiFA® platform

Our library of heteroaromatic silicon-fluoride acceptors, or HetSiFAs, readily converts disease-targeting ligands into an array of theranostic candidates with different physicochemical and labeling properties.

A single HetSiFA precursor can be labeled with the PET nuclides fluorine-18, gallium-68, and copper-64 or with cancer-destroying nuclides lutetium-177 and actinium-225, providing unique flexibility.

With our HetSiFA library, the creation of these new radioligand therapy candidates and their PET imaging pairs can occur in a few weeks, as compared to 12-18 months using other methods.

HetSiFA-based theranostics also have manufacturing advantages in a clinical setting. The PET nuclide fluorine-18 offers superior availability, production scalability, and image resolution as compared to gallium-68, which is often used in theranostics. Our HetSiFAs solve chemistry challenges that have limited the use of fluorine-18 in theranostics. By enabling the use of fluorine-18, HetSiFA-based theranostics expand the patient population that can benefit from these precision treatments.

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Radioligand therapies are immunotherapies

Radioligand therapies (RLTs) are a growing part of cancer care and will become a key component in many new immuno-oncology combination therapies. In addition to a direct cancer-killing effect from radioactive ligands attaching to cancer cells, RLTs also have a systemic anti-cancer immune response effect. This effect supports and is enhanced by immunotherapies. As we develop theranostic candidates, we are exploring the remarkable synergies from combining RLTs and immunotherapies.

Our origins

We apply Fuzionaire’s core chemistry, based on alkali metal catalysts, to make new theranostics.

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Our collaborators

We are proud to partner with world-class institutions on our mission to improve cancer care. Together we design, synthesize, and test our HetSiFA library and HetSiFa-based theranostic candidates.

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