Unlocking the true power of PET

A powerful new platform to diagnose, study, and treat disease

Radiopharmaceuticals for the modern world

We are working to improve the scope, use, and cost of PET imaging.

PET scans are critical for detecting and diagnosing disease in clinical settings, much of their potential remains untapped.

Outline of brain tissues, few details
Outline of brain tissues, more details
Outline of brain tissues, lot of details

A single, disease-agnostic platform that scales

We make it possible to develop a broad range of fluorine-18 radiopharmaceuticals based on a versatile, reliable, disease-agnostic chemistry platform.

Our patented HetSiFA™ compositions can be attached to disease-targeting ligands and are radiolabeled at record-breaking speed.

Other features of our platform further simplify and shorten the radiopharmaceutical manufacturing process. Our radiolabeling can occur at room temperature and requires no HPLC purification.

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Drugs and pills

Accelerating drug discovery

Valuable from the earliest stages of drug discovery, PET imaging following administration of new drug candidates provides unique information about their efficacy and pharmacokinetic properties in vivo. Our radiolabeling platform can make PET an essential and cost-effective tool that improves decision-making and increases returns on R&D investment throughout all stages of the drug development process.

Our science

We apply Fuzionaire’s core chemistry, based on alkali metal catalysts, to make new radiotracers.

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Our collaborators

We are proud to partner with world-class institutions unlocking the power of molecular science. Together, we are building a better future by expanding the possibilities of chemistry and its applications.

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