We are on a mission to radically improve disease diagnoses and treatments, helping people live longer, healthier lives.

There is untapped power within PET to transform the clinical setting. With PET, the barriers to better imaging are largely the result of basic limitations in chemistry. Leveraging a breakthrough in alkali metal catalysis, Fuzionaire Dx is radically improving the resolution, safety, use, and cost of PET imaging.

Fuzionaire Dx is a radiopharmaceutical company. Our radiolabeling platform unlocks the power of PET to help detect and treat any disease and improve the drug discovery process.

For the first time, it is now possible to rapidly produce a broad range of fluorine-18 radiopharmaceuticals based on a single disease-agnostic platform. Using our technology, researchers and clinicians can detect, localize, diagnose, and monitor more diseases, earlier, and with unprecedented precision.

Our technology also provides a powerful tool for the discovery of new therapeutics, enabling researchers to image the behavior of new drug candidates in the body.

As a team of chemists, biophysicists, molecular scientists, and entrepreneurs, we have both the team and the science to unlock the power of PET to improve the human condition.

Our team

Fuzionaire is led by co-founders Nick Slavin (CEO), Anton Toutov, PhD (CSO), Nova Spivack, and a close-knit team of world-class experts advising the company.

Our collaborators

Expanding the bounds of how we diagnose, study, and treat disease

We are continuously exploring additional clinical applications of our radiolabeling platform.

  • Our heterocyclic chemistry enables radiopharmaceuticals that combine diagnostic and therapeutic approaches
  • Accelerating radiopharmaceutical discovery through combinatorial synthesis of radiotracer libraries
  • Pioneering new engineering solutions that combine flow chemistry, synthesis electrification, and automation

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